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Basic information about our shares
Number of shares76,603,334
Market segmentPrime Standard
IndicesSDAX, TecDAX, CDAX, MSCI Small Cap Index
Designated SponsorsODDO BHF, Baader Bank



The management's explicit intention is to have shareholders participate in successful corporate developments. The payment of dividends is of course invariably dependent on the concern's growth plans and the associated liquidity requirements.

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Shareholder Structure*
Major Shareholders acc. to Art. 33, Sec. 1 German Securities Trading Act - based on latest regulatory disclosure provided by the shareholder
ShareholderDate of latest disclosureShareholding
Morgan Stanley19.01.202344.20%
Active Ownership Fund SCS09.12.202111.99%
Samson Rock08.01.20247.93%Holds 7.93% PNE shares and additional 0.22% of the voting rights through other instruments, overall 8.16% of the voting rights.
JPMorgan Chase & Co.09.05.20244.30%Holds 4.30% PNE shares and additional 0.96% of the voting rights through other instruments, overall 5.26% of the voting rights.
Goldman Sachs29.12.20230.02%Holds 0.02% PNE shares and additional 3.02% of the voting rights through other instruments, overall 3.04% of the voting rights.

*According to published notifications regarding voting rights as of May 21, 2024. The presentation of share ownership is based on the provisions of § 40 WpHG with respect to the publication of the voting rights notifications of our major shareholders; reference is made to the dates on which the threshold was crossed according to the disclosure of the major shareholder. Insofar as PNE has reason to believe in individual cases that voting notifications of different persons subject to the notification obligation relate to the same holding of physical shares, PNE reserves the right to summarize the notifications of voting rights in the presentation in order to ensure clarity. PNE AG assumes no liability for the accuracy of the presentation. For an overview of all voting rights according to § 40 WpHG respectively, please refer to the respective website of DGAP and the Company’s Register.

Analyst Opinions*
21.05.2024First BerlinBuy21.00€Dr. Karsten von BlumenthalDownload
13.05.2024SMC ResearchBuy15.90€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger SteffenDownload (German)
10.05.2024M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy24.40€Jan BauerDownload 
08.05.2024Metzler Capital MarketsBuy16.10€Guido HoymannDownload
02.04.2024SMC ResearchBuy15.00€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger SteffenDownload (German)
02.04.2024First BerlinBuy21.00€Dr. Karsten von BlumenthalDownload
28.03.2024M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy24.40€Jan BauerDownload
28.03.2024Metzler Capital MarketsBuy16.10€Guido HoymannDownload
25.01.2024First BerlinBuy22.00€Dr. Karsten von BlumenthalDownload
02.01.2024M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy26.70€Jan BauerDownload
15.11.2023SMC ResearchBuy15.40€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger SteffenDownload (German)
14.11.2023First BerlinBuy22.00€Dr. Karsten von BlumenthalDownload
14.11.2023Metzler Capital MarketsBuy18.00€Guido HoymannDownload
14.11.2023M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy26.70€Jan BauerDownload
15.08.2023SMC ResearchBuy15.40€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger SteffenDownload (German)
11.08.2023First BerlinBuy25.00€Dr. Karsten von BlumenthalDownload
11.08.2023Metzler Capital MarketsBuy18.30€Guido HoymannDownload
12.05.2023M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy26.60€Jan BauerDownload
11.05.2023SMC ResearchHold15.40€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger SteffenDownload (German)
10.05.2023Metzler Capital MarketsBuy19.30€Guido HoymannDownload
17.04.2023First BerlinBuy25.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
31.03.2023SMC ResearchHold15.20€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
15.02.2023M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy26.20€Jan Bauer
15.02.2023First BerlinBuy26.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
14.02.2023Metzler Capital MarketsBuy22.10€Guido Hoymann
02.02.2023First BerlinBuy26.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
15.12.2022First BerlinAdd26.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
23.11.2022M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy26.20€Jan Bauer
21.11.2022SMC ResearchHold19.00€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
10.11.2022First BerlinReduce18.10€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
10.11.2022Metzler Capital MarketsBuy24.50€Guido Hoymann
26.10.2022M.M. Warburg ResearchHold17.80€Jan Bauer
19.09.2022Metzler Capital MarketsBuy24.50€Guido Hoymann
12.08.2022SMC ResearchHold15.00€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
11.08.2022First BerlinReduce15.20€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
11.08.2022M.M. Warburg ResearchHold15.60€Jan Bauer
10.08.2022Baader Helvea Equity ResearchReduce14.50€Peter Rothenaicher
03.08.2022Baader Helvea Equity ResearchReduce14.50€Peter Rothenaicher
17.05.2022M.M. Warburg ResearchHold12.10€Jan Bauer
12.05.2022First BerlinReduce12.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
12.05.2022SMC ResearchHold12.00€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
19.04.2022First BerlinReduce11.50€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
05.04.2022SMC ResearchHold11.20€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
04.04.2022M.M. Warburg ResearchHold10.60€Jan Bauer
30.03.2022Baader Helvea Equity ResearchAdd8.20€Peter Rothenaicher
22.03.2022Baader Helvea Equity ResearchAdd8.20€Peter Rothenaicher
18.03.2022First BerlinAdd10.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
12.11.2021Baader Helvea Equity ResearchAdd8.20€Peter Rothenaicher
12.11.2021M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy9.30€Jan Bauer
12.11.2021SMC ResearchHold9.00€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
11.11.2021First BerlinAdd8.80€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
13.08.2021M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy8.90€Jan Bauer
13.08.2021SMC ResearchBuy9.20€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
12.08.2021First BerlinAdd7.90€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
11.08.2021Baader Helvea Equity ResearchAdd8.20€Peter Rothenaicher
31.05.2021Baader Helvea Equity ResearchAdd8.20€Peter Rothenaicher
14.05.2021M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy8.70€Jan Bauer
12.05.2021First BerlinAdd7.70€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
12.05.2021SMC ResearchBuy9.50€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
20.04.2021M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy8.30€Jan Bauer
14.04.2021First BerlinAdd7.70€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
07.04.2021SMC ResearchBuy9.50€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
06.04.2021M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy8.30€Jan Bauer
19.02.2021First BerlinAdd8.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
17.02.2021SMC ResearchBuy9.70€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
16.02.2021M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy8.60€Jan Bauer
16.11.2020M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy8.50€Jan Bauer
13.11.2020SMC ResearchHold7.20€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
13.11.2020First BerlinAdd7.20€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
11.11.2020Baader Helvea Equity ResearchReduce4.60€Peter Rothenaicher
14.08.2020SMC ResearchHold5.40€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
13.08.2020M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy6.00€Jan Bauer
13.08.2020First BerlinReduce5.10€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
12.08.2020Baader Helvea Equity ResearchReduce4.60€Peter Rothenaicher
15.05.2020SMC ResearchHold4.90€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
14.05.2020First BerlinAdd5.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
14.05.2020M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy5.00€Jan Bauer
13.05.2020Baader Helvea Equity ResearchReduce4.60€Laura Lopez Pineda
15.04.2020First BerlinAdd5.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
09.04.2020Baader Helvea Equity ResearchReduce4.60€Laura Lopez Pineda
02.04.2020SMC ResearchBuy4.60€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
02.04.2020M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy5.00€Jan Bauer
31.03.2020Baader Helvea Equity ResearchReduce4.20€Laura Lopez Pineda
19.03.2020Baader Helvea Equity ResearchReduce4.20€Laura Lopez Pineda
19.03.2020M.M. Warburg ResearchHold4.30€Jan Bauer
10.01.2020SMC ResearchHold4.30€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
08.01.2020M.M. Warburg ResearchHold4.30€Jan Bauer
18.12.2019Baader Helvea Equity ResearchReduce4.20€Laura Lopez Pineda
29.11.2019Baader Helvea Equity ResearchHold4.20€Laura Lopez Pineda
12.11.2019SMC ResearchHold4.00€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
08.11.2019First BerlinAdd4.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
08.11.2019M.M. Warburg ResearchHold4.30€Jan Bauer
07.11.2019Baader Helvea Equity ResearchBuy3.90€Laura Lopez Pineda
14.10.2019First BerlinAdd4.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
11.10.2019M.M. Warburg ResearchHold4.30€Jan Bauer
11.10.2019SMC ResearchHold4.00€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
16.09.2019Baader Helvea Equity ResearchBuy3.90€Laura Lopez Pineda
29.08.2019First BerlinAdd3.80€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
28.08.2019SMC ResearchBuy4.00€Dipl.-Kfm Holger Steffen
28.08.2019M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy4.30€Jan Bauer
13.08.2019SMC ResearchBuy3.60€Dipl.-Kfm Holger Steffen
09.08.2019First BerlinBuy3.80€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
09.08.2019M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy4.30€Jan Bauer
06.08.2019M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy4.30€Jan Bauer
05.08.2019M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy4.30€Jan Bauer
16.05.2019SMC ResearchBuy3.50€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
15.05.2019First BerlinBuy3.60€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
02.04.2019SMC ResearchBuy3.50€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
01.04.2019First BerlinBuy3.60€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
13.03.2019First BerlinBuy3.60€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
08.01.2019M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.70€Marina Manas Cháfer
06.12.2018M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.70€Marina Manas Cháfer
03.12.2018First BerlinBuy3.60€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
30.11.2018M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.50€Marina Manas Cháfer
12.11.2018SMC ResearchSpeculative Buy3.30€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
09.11.2018First BerlinBuy3.60€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
09.11.2018M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.50€Marina Manas Cháfer
08.11.2018ODDO BHFBuy3.85€Anis Zgaya
14.08.2018M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.50€Arash Roshan Zamir
13.08.2018SMC ResearchSpeculative Buy3.30€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
10.08.2018First BerlinBuy3.80€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
04.07.2018ODDO BHFBuy3.85€Stephan Wulf
24.05.2018ODDO BHFBuy3.85€Stephan Wulf
16.05.2018M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy2.50€Arash Roshan Zamir
15.05.2018SMC ResearchSpeculative Buy3.30€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
14.05.2018First BerlinBuy3.80€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
12.04.2018First BerlinBuy3.80€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
11.04.2810M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.50€Arash Roshan Zamir
04.04.2018SMC ResearchSpeculative Buy3.30€Dipl. Kfm. Holger Steffen
22.02.2018ODDO BHFBuy3.85€Stephan Wulf
09.01.2018M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.50€Arash Roshan Zamir
23.11.2017SMC ResearchSpeculative Buy3.40€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
23.11.2017First BerlinBuy3.80€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
09.11.2017First BerlinBuy3.70€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
02.11.2017M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.30€Arash Roshan Zamir
23.08.2017ODDO BHFBuy3.80€Stephan Wulf
14.08.2017First BerlinBuy3.50€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
14.08.2017SMC ResearchSpeculative Buy3.20€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
01.08.2017M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.30€Arash Roshan Zamir
13.07.2017First BerlinBuy3.50€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
11.05.2017M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.30€Arash Roshan Zamir
11.05.2017SMC ResearchSpeculative Buy3.20€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
10.05.2017Oddo SeydlerBuy3.80€Stephan Wulf
10.05.2017First BerlinBuy3.40€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
13.04.2017M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.30€Arash Roshan Zamir
11.04.2017First BerlinBuy3.40€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
03.04.2017SMC ResearchHold2.80€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
27.03.2017First BerlinBuy3.10€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
17.02.2017M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.80€Arash Roshan Zamir
15.02.2017Oddo SeydlerBuy3.80€Stephan Wulf
20.01.2017SMC ResearchSpeculative Buy2.60€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
19.01.2017First BerlinBuy3.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
13.12.2016SMC ResearchSpeculative Buy2.60€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
13.12.2016First BerlinBuy3.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal
13.12.2016M.M. Warburg ResearchBuy3.80€Arash Roshan Zamir
12.12.2016Oddo SeydlerBuy3.80€Stephan Wulf
16.11.2016SMC ResearchSpeculative Buy2.45€Dipl.-Kfm. Holger Steffen
14.11.2016Oddo SeydlerBuy3.80€Stephan Wulf
14.11.2016M.M. Warbeug ResearchBuy3.80€Arash Roshan Zamir
11.11.2016First BerlinBuy3.00€Dr. Karsten von Blumenthal

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