New financing line for equity capital of wind farm projects completed

Cuxhaven, November 17, 2017 – PNE WIND AG secures the development of new 200 MW wind farm portfolio by a financing line for equity capital in the volume of euro 25 million. The equity financing line for this wind farm projects has now been agreed with IKB Deutsche Industriebank AG. This is intended to finance equity capital for German and French wind farms that are intended to be included in the new international wind farm portfolio currently under construction. This portfolio will include wind farms with a nominal capacity of up to 200 MW. Wind farms with 43 MW nominal capacity are already under construction.

"With the new financing line, we were able to secure part of the equity required for the new 200 MW portfolio at an early stage and thus successfully complete one of the planned future financing arrangements in the Group," explained CFO Jörg Klowat.